Friday, April 26, 2013

Well it's been almost 2 months since I have been at the keyboard but it's time for an update.
School is progressing and I just took my finals this week. I guess my workouts are progressing as well. Although sometimes feel that I may have some unrealistic goals. It is almost as though my body can never be good enough. I guess that is something I really need to work on for sure!

Let me talk a little about my relationship with Sean. Sean and I were married for almost 10 years and divorced in 2010. Many things attributed to the divorce but honestly none of that matters anymore. A little over a year ago we began to see/date each other again exclusively. We made an agreement in the beginning to never bring up the past and make a new relationship together. And that is what we have done. Our time together is always a great time and so much fun! There is no doubt that we are best friends! In the last year we have traveled to PA, GA, Miami & a Cruise to the Caribbean..some short trips and in February 2013 Sean participated in another half Ironman in Panama. We have plans to go to Canada in September. Sean will race another Ironman 70.3 in Canada to try and qualify for the Vegas Championship. We ran 5K's while visiting PA and GA and it was so much fun! Earlier this month we ran a relay half marathon race together in Sarasota. I have to say this was by far my favorite run/race! I ran the first 6 miles and tagged Sean and he ran the remaining 7.1 miles. We ran the finish line together, holding hands..what a great analogy of our relationship. We are a great team! I hope and pray to be married again but rushing it isn't good either. There is no doubt in my mind that God brought us back together..clearly an answered prayer.

My memory is getting worse every day but I still look at it as a blessing! When we can't remember the definitely has it's benefits. My prayer is to hold on to good memories and forget the bad.

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