Saturday, July 20, 2013

To date, I really haven't mentioned my four children very much..I love them all so dearly! I guess the reason I haven't mentioned them so far is because I feel that privacy is important. But I also feel my postings wouldn't be complete without including them; after all they are a huge part of my life!
I love them all so much and they are one of the main reasons for me writing these blogs.
They are all grown up now and three of the four have families of their own. Karen is the oldest (age 39), Sharon (36), Ronnie (29), and Michael (24). Of course, I gave birth to Karen when I was 10 years old you kidding of course. I was very young though.
                             Ronnie is to the far left, Sharon, Michael and Karen is to the far right.

This particular blog is about Karen...I want everyone to know how very proud I am of her! She is an awesome Mom to her five..yes I said 5 children. I don't know many people that could get past all that she has been through, but she did it!
God created an angel when Karen was born.
Karen had a bad fight with drugs and she "won" the war! Thank you Jesus! I don't think there is a number as large as the number of prayers I prayed for Karen. And yes, God answered my prayers after many years. If there are any parents out there that are going through a battle with their children..I have the answer for you: PRAY! Pray without ceasing. God answers prayers!
I decided to publish this newspaper article that was written in 2006 about Karen and her fight with drugs. 

This article is hanging on the wall of my home and will always hang there for me to remember.
Karen is currently the manager of a popular barber shop..loves her new career! She is an awesome single Mom and I am so proud to call myself her mom! I love you Karen!

                                        Ethan below, is Karen's youngest.he will be 3 years old in August.
                                                     I am on the left and Karen is on the right.