Monday, August 19, 2013

Exercise & work outs are my all time stress reliever...I know that school and workouts are a must to keep me alive and well. I am convinced this has prolonged my  Alzheimers' Disease. Coach Al and his wife Bernadette have helped me to stay strong and fight this with all I have. I am working out three days per week and running almost every day now. I try to get a couple hours a day of cardio and weights in. I am back in school now for the fall classes, at HCC community college. So far, all is good!

    These photos are of me attempting to climb and flip over a cargo net.  Coach Al is spotting me.                            

I have started going to hot yoga classes and love them! It really relaxes you, once you get used to the 103 degrees. A good friend of mine, Kelly, owes an operates two yoga studios in the Tampa Bay area.

                                               This photo is Bernadette and I before yoga class.

I have been thinking about something a lot lately. I have to admit, I get very upset and frustrated because there doesn't seem to be much help out there for Alzheimers' patients. In particular, the younger on-set patients. There are groups and help for the caregivers, but I have yet to see anything to help the patients; with the exception of medications that claim to prolong the inevitable. I don't take those medications any more. I believe I have found a much better alternative and it seems to be working. I have to admit, it does get very costly, because I can't workout on my own. As long as I have been exercising in the gym, I just can't remember each exercise. I need a trainer to guide me so I don't get injured or just quit. I have tried to do it alone, but depression starts to set in..I have to keep going!
There is so much good that has come from good clean eating and working out everyday. My body is in the best shape ever. I am stronger and feel so good all the time. When things start getting me down, I go for a run and it makes everything a little better.
I plan on doing several events in November..On the 10th, I will be doing "Pump and Run" consists of bench pressing and running a 5K...then on November 16th is the "Tri-Fitness Challenge"..and to end the month, I'll be running the "Women's Half Marathon" Really excited to do them all! I am sure I will run a few 5ks here and there before then too. 
Sean and I will be going to Canada early next month. He will be racing to qualify for the 70.3 Ironman. Praying he gets this opportunity.
Over all I really feel my condition has improved over the last year but quite honestly, if I am forgetting things..I certainly won't remember how I was doing a year ago..{smile} "Set Go"